SPAAACE was started in 2005 (under a different brand name) as a web studio. For about 10 years we have been engaged only in web design and development.

And we have succeeded in this. We have created hundreds of products: websites, applications and services. For small startups, and for large international corporations.

Over time, we began to launch our own startups: web services, applications, e-commerce projects. Some of them have been successful, and some have not.

Gradually, our interest and competencies began to shift more towards design. We started working on projects in the field of graphic, interior and product design, designing a corporate identity, creating AR and 3D content.

But we have not lost our technical skills: most digital products go through a full development cycle in the studio.

All these years, the studio has been formed by a well-coordinated international team of 15-30 people. This limits the number of projects that we can run at the same time, but allows us to dive deeper into each of them.

It is very important for us that the result of our work is aesthetically attractive and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if it’s an application or an interior object.

We are bored with a design that only focuses on click-through rates, A/B testing, and surveys. In each project, we try to go beyond the boundaries of generally accepted practices and do something original.